Monthy Poem
Write about the month, putting in


May is the jumping forth time in Nature
when Spring starts to reawake
in the Northeast.

Flower beds
start to kick off
their winter blankets,
the juices of earth
and our thirsts
start to wiggle and warm –
leaves start to partake
of their daily green drink.
and pillows of flowers
throw their colors around.

Trees and grasses
get a make-over
adorning new hairdos,
leaving their
barren brown shades behind -
after being rinsed and washed
earlier in April showers.

No bull about this Taurus time
it holds the promise
of vegetables
and outdoor opportunities
to come.

©charlie elkind - May11, 2013


The world  is like
a battery powered
children’s toy
whose batteries
are half charged.

©charlie elkind - May15, 2013


What is the inner voice
that speaks to us in Silence?

It gently whispers in our ear
sweet sounds
off wisdom
and direction,
it is the friend of conscience
and inner experience
giving us tips on how to open
the next door.

It is guiding us
how to wash away tears
of suffering and regret
and move through
the sleeping darkness
of everyday life.

Listen to it’s voice
even if it speaks
with the fiery tongue
of spirit -
don’t be afraid
to hear its higher call -
listen closely
the trumpets
of desires.

The Voice gives us what we need
not always what we want
but trust it’s hints
It can see the Whole picture.

The door only opens
at intervals -
so be ready
at each moment –

Our inner friend
has a mystery
to impart.

©charlie elkind - May16, 2013


Poetry that rhymes
I don’t have the time -
Poetry that’s sweet
not enough to eat -
Poetry with pain
seems a bit lame
and all the same

Poetry from the start
should awaken the heart -
touching a deeper note
painting a second coat
whether written or from the throat

But I should not judge in haste
we each have different tastes
and what is a meal for one
other forks may shun.

So fully Rejoice at poetry’s table,
stop horsing around, be stable -
Savor a little or a lot of each
Even those that seem out of reach,
poems need to be tasted
and not quickly wasted.
do not wait
fill your plate.

© charlie elkind  6 /2013

All poems on page © charlie elkind  2013

Friday, April 26th, 2013 - Words of One
The old saying for plain, direct speech is "tell it in words of
one syllable." - Robert Pinsky
Try a poem that uses only words of one syllable.  To make it
harder, you might even forbid your poem the use of any form
of the verb “to be.”  


Need to eat.
I want a snack
food to hot
so here is poem
while it cools,
and soon to brunch.

Time was not
Space was not
at the Start
all was One
dark was all
no forms yet
no noise yet
no ideas yet.

Then a point of
Light came forth
the One Word -
seeds start to grow
they open up
birth of new
sounds sprout…

Food is ready
life goes on
spirit big bang
is lots of fun.
in Here Now
as I munch.

April 29, 2013 - A Tentative Autobiography
Write an abbreviated autobiography  or a poetic evasion of
your life story .


As a child I always thought an Autobiography
was a story of being born in a car.

I came out of a womb
lived my life in many a room
rested a while in a tomb
then will get ready again to bloom.

30 Days of Poetry,
30 days of washing out words by hand.

Do I now hang my poetry
out on the line?
has my poncho of poems
been over-washed?
Does the shirt I wore against my heart
now need some time to dry
in the midday Sun?

Writing poetry continuously
is like a fabric softener,
making one’s threads
soft and supple-
word working becomes comfortable,
like one’s favorite blue jeans
one never wants to throw away.

I will continue to write
I will not be hampered!

May 1, 2013


The corn was a flake, semi-awake
as it started to eerily and callously
grow on my toes -
I kept my ears gently to the grindstone
to make a meal.
I listened to the corn-dogs
up the wrong tree,
while the cornflowers,
sometimes known as the bachelor's button,
stalked  the corner of the garden
being very blue.

Write a poem about loss in your life.


I visited my family’s house
recently –
my family’s house,
in Long Beach, NY
near the water
that Mom and Dad
moved into when I was two.
At the start
my one sister was already there,
my other sister and brother
came aboard later.

I am now 63,
have lived my own life
for many a voyage.
Dad has sailed on
while Mom still lives
in a displaced watched canoe
bed-bound with Alzheimers.

The house was an inner anchor
in a sea of a number of storms
until it was hit by Sandy -
it now sits ship-wrecked and quiet
with just the outer planks
to hold it afloat.

My inner
ocean of residential remembrances
now carry
my memories
to further ports.

©charlie elkind May11, 2013


Loss is part of life
a part of change,
that chains us
to people, places
and our temporary being,
loss locks us in.
as we hold tight
like on a roller coaster –
but we also hold the key
to its ride.

Many play
a game of tug of war with ”things”
one part wants to get, to win
one part doesn’t want to let go.

Some people
know how to parachute jump
with life
others keep away
with anxiety and fear
from the airplane doors
at all costs.

These multiple ”things”
which we think are us
which we think we own
condition and binds us -
grabs on tight and
fill us with emotions
and safe conveniences.

Be like a flower, that has seasons,
seek to blossom
then leave some seeds
for another year,
until it’s roots
are pulled out
for Good.

©charlie elkind - May15, 2013


The wind of waking washed in
feeling refreshed
from the beautiful breeze upon my forehead
and mind
aware that the air was clear
while the rest of my dreams
and from my dreams
now slept soundly in the shadows.

c. elkind  Feb. 2014
Charlie's Poetry - Page 9 - A Poem a  Day - Page 3

Write a few lines about what you would like to be
found on a note to a stranger about your life.


My message, be it to present or future
comes from the same soil -
water the sacred plants of your life -
seek the highest within
at all times.
May your life be blessed by
awakening your Heart,
seeking Wisdom
and touching true Silence within.
and Extra Prompt Poems


Painting with wild abandonment
like an uncaged animal
freed from outer restraints –
learning it’s own rules
as conditions and consequences.


Poetry is multi-hued
like a beautiful evening sunset,
its colors tint the countryside
and tenders one’s view of twilight –
with words that say more then words.

Wednesday, April 25 2013 - Hearty Prompt
Your poem will come from the heart and talk about the


What is the Heart which lives within the Heart?

This inner center lives beyond
the mere pulsing of the blood –
this heart stretches tender
with care and compassion.
Compassionately connecting -this heart melts under the
weight of suffering and embrace.

At it’s loftiest expanse
its transcendent arms breaths out
then takes it all in
beating constantly and warmly within
the whole of life.