We start with dinner for One.
then we set setting for guests.

Consciously cooked concepts
filled with hidden flavors
its sauteed sentences
waiting to be digested
and swallowed whole
at the peak of perfection.

Imported words
secret and savory
gently grilled
over an open flame,
they radiate -
inwardly and outwardly -
from a simple open point
awakened within
the burning core of our hearts.

© charlie elkind 2/03/2001

The quiet waltzed in,
a slow motion dance of solitude -
it took the lead
surrounding us in a cloud of peace
and a draft of gentle breezes.

With each breath -
the mind more relaxed,
falling into a downy pillow of calm -
becoming enchantedly enhanced
as we fell into the hollow depths
of a stilled silence.

Listening humbly
through soft sacred folds,
into the hidden recesses of nature,
seeking, sinking us
deeper and deeper
into its airy cushioned nest.

Like the whisper of a newborn -
quiet tamely slept,
generating secret sounds
that echoed serenely,
as we silently melted
into the vastness of space.

© charlie elkind 10/30/2000

Don't talk to me with words,
can't we say what needs to be said
without our wandering tongues
tripping tamelessly over themselves.

Let our sacred periods of
quiet communion
express the true language
of what pines to be spoken.

Remove the sleeping stopper from
a bottle of perfume,
and its truth and essence
no longer remains stopped.

Speak softly and slow,
like a fisherman
hooking each word to the hem
of a silent shore,
where words and thoughts
secretly unite as one.

Yes, don't talk to me with words
they say so little
of what truly aspires to be said.

© charlie elkind 02/04/2001

Distance petals
littered leaves
the flowers of our being
struggle to break out,
stand and open free.

Deep roots nourished in a
blackened soil -
enhanced by a rich full crimson Sun,
each garden unique
with blossoms and blooms
in their own season.

© charlie elkind

The light on our faces
continuously twists and turns
throughout the sweep of seasons.
We bundle up warm
weathering storms
as it moves from Summer to Fall
and then to Winter's cold.

The dawn's awakening glaze
eventually arrives,
our steaming cups of coffee,
as we read our daily papers,
flipping the pages
remembering how we
habitually turn down our sheets
and leave our dreams behind.

The waking earth
turns underfoot
leaving us to
ponder, spin, and spiral
that leads us upward
to a distance
stairway of stars.

© charlie elkind  9/10/2000

When you breathe,
become one with the fragrance
become one with the total essence
                       of what you love.

When you hear,
listen with your eardrum
become one with the songs
    that beat softly in your heart.

When you see,
become one with your eyes --
one with what is seen.
   and one with what is not seen.

When you wake up,
become one with the dawn
one with the day
one with the absolute night
and one with the absolute light.

© charlie elkind
                                                      october 27,2007

The lightening
whipped and cracked across the sky
singing out a warning
that something
was about to change.

it prophesied
that nothing would be the same
that no -- thing
would every
carry us home.

we patiently watched and waited
for what seemed for many
as an unrelenting
churning and returning
of lifetimes and toil.

time stood still
as the air around us
hung heavy and saturated
filled with hidden music and majesty --

but nothing came,
or at least we thought so --
we didn't ever
know what we expected.

but maybe what we sought
could not be caught,
could not be taught,
but it IS, it really is THAT --
THAT which was
THAT which is
That which will be
the THAT which came from Naught.

so we sat on the ground
looking up
and waiting --
listening to the snare drums,
with their deep dark crackled beat,
occasionally interrupted
by an electric flash of flight
blue blasting across the
painted clouds
illuminating and intensifying
the metaphorical nature
of our mundane lives.

© charlie elkind 9/29/2006
The Tides Do Come In or
Beware of the T-ides that March

The water was returning
bright red and murky with emotions
filled with tainted thoughts
and faulty feelings.

we receded back
we received back
those rancid reactions and actions
that we engendered from before --

although the hands
of time were clinched shut --
shut and waiting
-- waiting for each finger
to open with the correct consequence.

no stone was left unturned
no seed, was able to hide from the
open air --
no boulder,
was bolder then another --

all we could do was "try" and
be aware of the avalanche
as it headed down
the counterfeit mountains we
had unconsciously forged

we couldn't stop
we needed to take a drink --
and quench that thirst for release --
which only gets worse
closer to the source.

© charlie elkind  10/10/2006

Sometimes I feel like a lion,
untied, roaming in the wilderness --
other times I live in a cage,
without a key.

But in truth,
I am a watching, waiting guard,
with a door and a lock
in a prison that always remains
open and free.

© charlie elkind 7/11/2008
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