Charlie's Poetry - Page 11 - Dora Page
To Dora, with Love

When we think of you, Dora
our minds remember your laughter
how it bubbled out
its spontaneous quality
its contagious nature
issued forth from a heart
warmed and brimmed with compassion.

You were most your Self
when caring for those in need
wholeheartedly tending
for those struck down
or those just stuck.
You challenged
those you knew
to see life
to live their life
Can I say this?
-- you'd say with your white head
cocked to the side
and with one eye half-squinted --
from a new perspective.
You see what I'm saying.

Your energy sprang,
almost leaped at times,
from an almost
inexhaustible fount
it was measured
within your being
then shared with gems
of practical wisdom
coming from the true heart
of a truly Practical Girl
- who lived a crazy life.

An unfathomable mystery
surrounded all you did
making us wonder,
filling us with puzzled questions
of where it went
and of just how far -
we never could quite make out
all you knew or
didn't know  --
could you truly
sense our desires
or was it a mutual
longing for just
another hot fudge sundae?
Dora you truly
lived a life dedicated to giving
dedicated to serving
and although we'll miss
your grace -
the gifts you shared
will be realized ages hence
when we too
can glimpse through
nature's inner veil
and join your dedicated quest
for a farther shore.

Your therapeutic touch
touched us in so many ways
over many years
through many ills
and even though we know
in our hearts
you still linger just out of reach
we'll miss your
echoing peals of laughter --
it's a laughter
that still lurks
that still lives
just beyond our touch
in the swaying of the wind
or a babble from a brook --
it's a sound to listen for
hidden in nature
and alive within the hug
of one's favorite tree.

© charlie elkind  8/25/1999
(the day of her passing)
In Memory of Dora Kunz

The following poem was written on the
passing of Dora Kunz.  It was shared with
others in various passing ceremonies for the
wonderful life she lived.
It was also included in
Dr. Dolores Krieger's book
"The Spiritual Dimensions
of Therapuetic Touch".
This is the full length unedited version.